• New TLQ order
    New TLQ order
    Second series of 5 TLQ's being build at Shipyard De Kaap

    After succesfull delivery of the first series of Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ's), Shipyard De Kaap received an order of five TLQ's. These TLQ's will be used aboard offshore platforms, to provide employees with a temporary but comfortable place to stay. The TLQ's are to be installed by Breman Shipping Installation.


    Becasue TLQ's are used in high risk environments, they have to comply with strict regulations. For this reason, the TLQ's have a special over pressure system. If the pressure drops for more then ten seconds, all power will be shut off. This way, electrical equipment cannot function as ingition in an environment with gas an oil damps.


    This, and the challenge to work as space efficient as possible, makes the building of a TLQ a special project. We look forward to the delivery in December.