• Succesfull Delivery of DP Galyna
    Succesfull Delivery of DP Galyna
    Breman installed all HVAC, refrigeration and sanitary systems
    Another fast-track delivery to Chevalier Floatels has enabled the company to yet again deliver a vessel (its third) for service support operations in the 2013 season.
    Adding another versatile vessel to its fleet, Chevalier Floatels has distinguished itself as an organization that is capable of making fast-track deliveries to clients, even under the most demanding circumstances.
    With the DP Galyna, another high spec Service Support Vessel has entered operations that offer offshore contractors solid performance across the board.
    With the integrated Ampelmann transferring system, the operational window is increased up to 90% during the season. This, in combination with excellent DP capabilities, a heave compensated crane and ample deck space for stores, allows for much greater mobility in the field.
    The vessel also provides facilities for multi-beam operations and other support activities.
    Accommodating 60 persons in total with a crew of 16, the chartering party has availability of 44 single cabins. Alternatively 90 persons can be accommodated, in which case some cabins will be double cabins. The luxurious interior, which is unrivaled in the industry, offers the passengers a wide range of amenities, including a fitness area, hospital, restaurant, laundry, lounge and smoking lounge, ensuring maximum comfort during offshore operations.
    To further increase passenger comfort, special attention has been paid to vessel movement during the conversion.
    With Holland Shipyards’ dedicated project team completing the project, an even faster delivery time was realized than was the case with “DP Galyna’s” sister vessel “DP Gezina”.
    Where the “DP Gezina” was delivered in a mere 24 weeks, the “DP Galyna” was delivered in 19, which speaks volumes of Holland Shipyards’ adaptability as an organization.
    With the “DP Galyna” commencing operations in the offshore wind market, both Chevalier Floatels and Holland Shipyards can boast the delivery of two highly performing vessels that are at the forefront of today’s market.