• Start outfitting ‘’ Ro-Ro Cargo Vessel’’.
    Start outfitting ‘’ Ro-Ro Cargo Vessel’’.

    Breman Shipping Installation is started with out fitting of a ‘’Ro-ro Cargo Vessel’’. We have become the order from Thecla Bodewes Shipyards and outfitting is on their location in Harlingen. The vessel wil be outfitted with ventilation, hot- and cold water system, sewage- and the sewage system in Harlingen.The name of the vessel is Goulphar and this ship will sail for the French flag and the owner is the company Transport Maritime Côtier (TMC) from Vannes.


    General particulars:

    Length over all (max.) : 36,00 m.

    Length between perpendiculars (85% D) : 34,10 m.

    Breadth moulded hull: 7,75 m.

    Extreme breadth : 7,95 m.

    Depth moulded : 3,00 m.

    Design draught: 1,80 m.