• Delivery Equipment OPV Vessel
    Delivery Equipment OPV Vessel

    Breman Ship Engineering delivered for the Offshore Patrol Vessel the complete Ventilation system for all technical spaces. Delivery was existing out of all Axialfans, mist Eliminators, Overpressure grids, Fire valves and complete Ducting. The vessel is made fort he government of Kenia and is sailing fort he cost of Kenia.


    Principal Dimension:

    ◾Length OA: 54.7

    ◾Length BP: 50.90m

    ◾Depth: 4.50m

    ◾Displacement: 350 tons

    ◾Draft molded: 2.20m

    ◾Lightweight: 500tons

    ◾Service speed: 22knots

    ◾Max speed:35knots

    ◾Range: 1500 nautical miles


    ◾Daily fuel consumption: 3.6 tons/day (Incl. electrical load)

    ◾Class: Bureau Veritas