Electrical Heating

Breman Ship Engineering can provide customers with electrical heaters. The Electrical heaters can be mounted to a wall, or used as a tabular heater. Heaters are available in different power categories.

The fan heater is standard provided with a metal rack to put the heater on the ground. With optional wall-brackets it is also possible to mount the fan heaters to the wall. The fan heater can be installed vertically or in a download gradient of 15°.

The galvanized and powder enameled housing is fully non-corroding and very robust. The used tubular heating elements are made of AISI304. A "broad- shouldered" metal rack ensures a good footing, protection during transportation and makes it possible to stack on e fan heater on top of the other. The Breman Ship Engineering fan heaters are for all applications - you may install them permanently or use them as portable heaters. They are IPX4 moisture proof which means the fan heater can be used in dry and moisture environments. Each fan heater is provided with a built in thermostat. Furthermore, all fan heaters are supplied with a 5 step switch to control the air flow and heat. 


With the 5 step switch, the following settings are possible:

  • Off
  • Fan off
  • Half fan and half heat
  • Full fan and half heat
  • Full fan and full heat

Other types / options:    
  • Wall brackets for a permanent installation.
  • 24-hours timer which switches the fan heater on or off.
  • Temperature control through an external room thermostat and eventually a switch box.
  • On request fan heaters are deliverable with different voltages and capacities.  
  • The outside measurements A and B belong to the two different kind of fan heaters (look at the type table)

Electrical installation:

The fan heater is standard provided with an electric cable 1.7m long and can be connected with the power supply with earthed plug or a permanent connection. Permanent installation must be carried out by an authorized electrician according the valid rules.