Dredgers are specialized vessels that play a crucial role in shaping our waterways for navigation, flood control and environmental conservation. These powerful vessels are designed to remove sediment, debris and other materials from the bottom of rivers, lakes, harbors and channels. All of this to maintain safe and efficient water transport and protect the environment. The dredgers are equipped with sophisticated dredging equipment, such as pumps, suction pipes, cutters and excavators, to remove sediment and other materials from the seabed or riverbed. 

In recent years, environmental sustainability has become a significant focus in dredging operations. Many dredgers are now equipped with advanced technologies, such as GPS, sensors and monitoring systems. This is meant to optimize the dredging operations and minimize the impact on the environment. Breman Shipping also wants to contribute to a better environment. We do this by installing clean and efficient heaters, cooling systems and air conditioning systems.