Heating always plays a very important role aboard of any kind of any vessel. The importance of heating is not only expressed in a comfortable temperature. Liquid crude oil and simply preventing ice are also examples where heating is crucial. Are you looking for a wide range of quality heating equipment? With Breman Shipping Installation you have the right supplier and engineers for all your needs. All our heating systems are from the highest quality and we can install them in any vessel. We can engineer and deliver complete central heating systems. With this we create a comfortable environment in any space.

Oil Fired Boilers 

Breman Shipping can provide customers with a wide range of oil fired boilers. By using an oil fired boiler to convert fuel oil into heat, you make an important contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment. This can be accomplished with boiler’s unbeatable efficiency. The oil fired boilers perform particularly impressive, by utilizing the energy hidden in the hot gases, that would otherwise escape unused through the chimney. Using this extra heat is good for the environment in the long term and reduces operating costs. The Oil Fired Boilers are incredibly reliable, they can be used in small spaces and are easy to move around.

Our oil condensing boilers can already accommodate a proportion of bio-oil as part of their fuel right now. As a result we are able to meet the many demands made of heating equipment across our product range.

 Heat recovery 

Our Heat Recovery Systems are from the highest quality. The simple technology and the extreme high efficiency make sure the systems will fulfill all your needs. Breman Shipping Installation’s Heat Recovery Systems take used cooling water from engines and generators to pre-heat water in heating systems. We can provide this technology with tube-exchangers and plate-exchanger. The heat recovery systems can be applied to central heating systems and tank heating systems.

 Electrical heating

Breman Shipping Installation is the best choice if you are looking for a provider of electrical heaters. These highly efficient and very popular heaters can be mounted to your wall, or they can be used as a tabular heater. Breman Shipping Installation has heaters available in different power categories.

The fan heater is always provide with a metal rack to put the heater on the ground. There are also optional wall-brackets available, this will make it possible for the user to mount the fan heaters to the wall and place it on the preferred spot. Breman Shipping Installation can make a custom made frame for any electrical heater.

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