Sanitary Systems

Good sanitary installations contribute highly to hygiene and comfort on board of ships.

Breman Shipping Installation has the experience and knowledge to fulfill all your wishes, from engineering to aftercare. Our service includes renovation and newbuild. We are aware of all regulations, novelties and various applications. We can provide sanitary articles, Hydrophores, Hot water boilers and buffer vessels, portable water installations and sewage systems.

Our sanitary articles

Sanitary equipment is crucial on board ships. Breman Shipping installation has a wide variety of sanitary equipment for all kinds of ships. Our equipment is of the highest quality and we have the best mechanics to install them. The sanitary equipment that we have are:

  • Stainless steel sinks;
  • Wash basin;
  • Showers;
  • Complete wet cabins;
  • Vacuum toilet systems.

Hydrofore units

Breman Shipping Installation offers only high quality water pumps to meet any need. The pumps we provide are produced with state-of-the-art materials that improve their ability to resist internal and external stresses, and guarantee their high performance. Quality an durability over the long term is also a priority, thereby limiting the environmental impact. We offer pumps in a wide range in capacity and power supply ( 230 to 440 V and 50/60 Hz).

Fresh/Hot Water Boilers:

When you want to heat up potable water, Breman Shipping Installation has provides a hot water boilers and buffer vessels. Boilers heated by electricity can be delivered in a range of 5 to 1000 liter. It is also possible to heat up the water by means of renewed or ‘’green’’ energy. Our potable water installations include pipes, all fittings, taps, hydrophores, UV-systems, hot water circulation pumps, hot water boilers (electric or water heated) and even fresh water makers. All installations are engineered with care to avoid the contamination of (legionella) bacteria. The pipes can be delivered in different materials: Cupper, galvanized steel, stainless steel and plastics. 

Sewage Treatment systems

Breman Shipping Installation supplies grey and black water sewage treatment systems on board of ships. Besides the sewage treatment unit we deliver as well vacuum and greywater pump units.

Sanitary Systems

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