Delivering high quality service is the number one priority for Breman Shipping. Our experienced engineers have the expertise to draw a personalized plan for any customer. We think along with our customers and we are very flexible. Because of this, we have had many satisfied customers.

We start the engineering process by looking and listening carefully to what the customers’ needs are. This way we can calculate perfectly how our systems can be integrated into the vessel. One of our biggest strengths are our tailor-made systems. We design the installations and build them ourselves on a skid. A few examples are of these skids are: UV-systems, hydrofore, Boiler skids , Airco-units, control cabinets and many more. All the know-how, that we need to create the necessary products, is within our company.

Innovation is also a very important part of our engineering process. Our engineers always look at parts where energy can be saved. Nowadays we look a lot how to integrate heat recovery systems and heat pump systems into the vessels of our clients. This can be realized because of our eye for efficiency.

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