About us

Breman Shipping Installation is an established name in Shipping installation. We are a family business that has been passed on from father to son for many generations. We see it as our mission to be a good and trustworthy partner. We keep working until our customers are completely satisfied. Sustainability and innovation plays a very important role in our work. We design, build and install our own products to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Our history


First Generation

Around 1876 is the company founded by Harm Breman. Back then he was still just a blacksmith in a forge. The main business came from replacing horseshoes, crafting tools, household ironwork and farmhouse ironwork. The building was located at Westerkade 66 in Genemuiden.


Second Generation

Under the second generation Firma Breman was expanded to a forge, repair and fabrication company. Tiem Breman started with building, selling and repairing heaters and components. He also fabricated wheel hoops for the local factory’s milk wagon and forged components for the repair of a local bridge called Havenbrug.


Third Generation

1936 -> The third generation Harm Breman expanded his activities. He specialized in purchase, conversion and repairs. He started the installation of electrical motors, machine forge, plumbing and welding work. Harm Breman and his wife Jo Breman-Mastebroek became 7 children, 4 daughters and 3 sons. The sons decided to go their own way and all started their own companies;

  • Pieter Breman started Breman Machinery (steel construction and special steel products)
  • Tiemen Breman takes over the company from his father under the name v/h H. Breman installation company and started in the 1980 Breman Shipping Installation.
  • Ben Breman started a steel construction company in Grootegast.

Fourth Generation

1975 -> It was the fourth generation by Tiemen Breman that entered the Shipping industry. The company relocated to Puttenstraat 23 in Genemuiden. The focus went to installing central heating, air conditioning and sanitary installations on ships.


Fifth Generation

2002, Harold Breman took over the company from his Father and started later on Airco Techniek Holland. Now the company is located at Katoenstraat 7 in Genemuiden and is an established name in the Shipping branch.