Air conditioning

Breman Shipping Installation supplies a wide selection of air conditioning equipment. Quality for every customer is our number 1 priority. That is why we only use a small selection of high quality brands. These brands are Daikin, Carrier and Bitzer. In addition to the use of standard chillers from quality brands, our professional engineers assemble also chillers. They only use parts of the highest quality, and exclusively Bitzer compressors. We distinguish ourselves from standard fabricated chiller by using chiller suitable for 440 Volts and 60 Hertz. Also the Fancoil units and air treatment units can be supplied in any capacity needed. We use modern refrigerants.

Fancoil Systems 

With the Fancoil system we install a cooling unit in the room. This system is feeded with cold water with a temperature of 6 to 12 degrees Celsius. It is transported through insolated pipes to the fan coil unit and flows through it (through a water battery). Under the water battery is installed a fan which blown air through the water battery and cools down the air.  The user can set the system to the desired temperature, with the thermostat on the unit. This makes it very easy to create a comfortable temperature in the room.

These units are not only capable of cooling a room. The system can be expanded by installing an electrical element in the unit, making it possible to cool or heat independently. By using this expansion it is possible to let hot water go through the coil instead of cold water. This way you can heat the room as well.

Breman Shipping Installation has various variations in Fancoil Systems. Your specific needs will be used to customize the unit to your preference.

Chilled water Systems/Chillers

This high quality system are new chillers and heat pumps intended for commercial use (offices and medium/small spaces), residential use and industrial use. These systems operate with freon/gas and provide chilled water due to increasing and decreasing gas pressure. The low temperature of the gas cool the water down. A temperature exchange takes place in a so called ‘Heat Exchanger’. This way the chilled water can run trough the piping system again and cools the room. All the units offer a unique combination of functionality and high performance in an exceptionally compact chassis.

The system can also be used as a heat recovery system (we use the hot water of the condenser to heat up the Central Heating system).

Our Chilled water System is the right unit for every user. It has many benefits:

  • Small floor space needed
  • Variable flow pump
  • Low-noise option
  • Stacking of two units is possible for more capacity
  • Water connection on top or on the rear

  Self-contained Air Handling Units. 

Breman Shipping Installation provides vessels and offshore locations with the best decentralized air handling units. These units operate completely independent and they are equipped with a gas-liquid compressor. The self-contained Air Handling Units operate on the highest efficiency and consume very little space. The self-contained Air Handling units are not only able to cool a room, they can also heat. This is made possible by the reverse cycle modus. And it has way more benefits:

  • The compact cabinet fits any working environment
  • Cools, heats, dehumidifies and filters air
  • The design saves space and complements any décor
  • Thermostat controls
  • Cleanable aluminium air filters

Multisplit systems

The multi tells you a lot already. The Multi-split is a powerful system that provides the user with more than one indoor units. When you want to influence the temperature in multiple rooms, you won’t need more than one outdoor unit. The single outdoor unit can heat or cool more than one room at the same time. The multi-split creates a comfortable indoor climate with a quiet daily operation. The system is installed with one outdoor unit (a compressor and condenser) and two or more indoor units.

The outdoor unit uses the compressor to start a process so the inside unit will blow cold or hot air into the room. The inside units (which are adjustable by a remote control) have inverter technology. This means optimum temperature control is possible with minimum power consumption. These multifunctional systems can provide the cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying and heating of a certain space.

Air conditioning

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