A proper ventilation is crucial for any vessel. Not only in crew- and passenger cabins, but also in technical spaces like engine rooms and cargo holds. All these spaces need an air change. According to the customers wishes and the international regulations we determine how many times the air needs changing. To make sure we Breman Shipping meet all your needs, we supply a wide range of fans. For crew-, passenger- and technical spaces we have duct fans with straight flow for rectangular ducts. These fans have forward curved blades and they are very suitable for high pressure with a very low noise level. Ideal for everybody. The speed of the blower tube can be easily controlled by voltage or variable frequency drives. These fans are available in many different connection diameters from 100mm to 315mm. In addition to this, we also supply a compact duct fan with a height of 2 cm more than the duct diameter.

We also deliver the best centrifugal fans for larger technical spaces and for engine rooms and cargo holds we supply axial fans. They can be mounted in ducts. To protect you equipment, we also supply high quality mist eliminators, weather louvres, mushrooms and vent pipes. These are custom made in any desired size.


Breman Shipping Installations can install any kind of duct. They are available in round or square shape and we can supply and install in different sizes. We also give the possibility to install uninsulated and insulated galvanized steel ducts, aluminium ducts or stainless steel ducts.

A few of the systems where we install air ducts are:

  • Mechanical ventilation systems;
  • Air treatment units;
  • Ventilation shafts for the engine room or other technical rooms;
  • Air supply ducts for engines.

Ventilation equipment 

 Besides the fans and ducting we deliver also a lot of other ventilation equipment for example:

  • Fire valve (execution square or round ).
  • Stainless steel tipping grids.
  • Sound dampers.
  • Smoke dampers.
  • Mist eliminators
  • Etc.

Breman Shipping Installation has as wide range of ventilation machinery. We can make sure the performance is exactly in accordance with the calculations.

A few examples of our fan categories are:

  • Axial Ventilators
  • Centrifugal Ventilators
  • Duct Ventilators
  • Synthetic Ventilators

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