Heating plays an important role aboard any vessel. A comfortable temperature, liquid crude oil or simply preventing ice are some examples where heating is crucial. Breman Ship Engineering supplies a wide range of quality heating equipment, to ensure your heating requirement is met at sea.For a comfortable environment, we can engineer and deliver complete central heating systems. In these installations, we use quality boilers in a range of 10kW to 1250kW. In these boilers, we place burners from 10 to 1100 kW. These boiler/burner combinations are used for tank heating systems as well, and double as a heat recovery system when connected to a sanitary boiler. In addition to central heating systems, we deliver fan heaters (3kW to 21kW), finned tube heaters (0,3kW to 2,5kW) and oil filled radiators (0,75kW to 8kW).
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