A proper ventilation is crucial for any vessel. From crew- and passenger cabins to technical spaces, from engine rooms to cargo holds: all need a minimum air changes per hour. For this reason, Breman calculates the air change demand per space, according to customer wish and international regulations. To cope with these wishes, we supply a wide range of fans. For crew-, passenger- and technical spaces, we supply duct fans with straight flow for rectangular ducts. They have forward curved blades and are very suitable for high pressure at low noise levels. Our circular duct fans can handle long ducts with continuous high pressure, at low noise levels. The speed of the blower tube can be easily controlled by voltage or variable frequency drives. These fans are available in 7 connection diameters: 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250 and 315 mm. In addition to these fans, we supply a compact duct fan, with a height of just 2 cm more than the duct diameter, available in 100, 125, 160 and 200 mm. For larger technical spaces we supply centrifugal fans in the capacity range from 1.000 to 70.000 m3/hr. For engine rooms and cargo holds we supply axial fans in a range from 1.000 to 150.000 m3/h, with optional frequency drives. These can be mounted in ducts varying from ø200 until ø1500, executed in compliance with IPSS, EEX and Marine standards. To protect your equipment, we supply high quality mist eliminators, weather louvres, mushrooms and vent pipes. These are custom made in any desired size, executed in stainless steel 316, seawater resistant aluminium and hot dipped galvanized steel.


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